Top 10 Moments in Rick and Morty

In the show’s four season lifespan, Rick and Morty has offered some unforgettable and mind-blowing moments. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmond, Rick and Morty follows the adventures of super genius Rick Sanchez and his wayward grandson Morty. Raw and unfiltered, the show is full of such comedic bliss and well structured dysfunctional chaotic moments that we had to make a list. What follows is the top 10 best moments in Rick and Morty…so far.

#10 Rick creates a butter-serving mini droid 

Season 1 Ep. 9

Rick creates and designates a small droid to complete the single task of serving butter. As the most used and common condiment, butter is a vital time-sensitive addition to almost any food at any time of day. Ensuring the droid was the perfect size to accommodate any eating surface, Rick invented a practical solution for multiple members around the dining table. Unfortunately the droid’s perfect application was not enough for Rick, as he also made it sentient and is well aware of its inadequate role in existence.         

#9 Rick discovers a planet where everything is on a cob

Season 2 Ep. 10

In Season two’s finale, Rick and family are on the run from galactic authorities. In desperation, Rick is in search of a planet just right to call home for the Smith family. The fugitives settle on a seemingly hospitable planet until Rick conducts further analysis. In terror, Rick discovers that all matter on this planet is grown on a cob. The family quickly scramble onto Rick’s spacecraft and escape with their lives. We are not sure if this was supposed to be as funny as we though it was, but that’s why we love Rick and Morty so much.   

#8 Morty questions Rick’s intelligence

Season 4 Ep. 8

Morty usually does not question the intellect of his super genius grandfather in times of danger. This episode shows us what happens when Morty loses faith in Rick and what Rick is willing to do in order to convince him otherwise.

#7 Rick creates a paradise for Beth 

Season 3 Ep. 9

In an attempt to make up for being an absentee father to his daughter Beth, Rick creates a Willy Wonka-like reality where Beth could grow worry free and avoid harsh realities. Like most of Rick’s inventions, there are some kinks in the system and Rick and Beth need to work things out in order to make it right. We found this episode to be so disturbingly funny!

#6 Rick invents inter-dimensional travel 

Season 3 Ep. 1

Upon inventing the most powerful ability in the universe, Rick knowingly placed a large target over himself. Immediately becoming the most desired tool in existence, Rick’s portal gun allowed him and Morty infinite abilities and limitless travel. The actual event of this invention is more dramatic and mind-blowing than it appears.

#5 Rick soul bonds with a dragon

Season 4 Ep. 4

In one of the most awkward and suggestive episodes in the series, Morty discovers the most insensitive side of Rick as he selfishly soul bonds with his dragon. Rick and Morty’s relationship is put to the test as Morty works through this ultimate betrayal. This episode also teaches us a lot about dragons.     

#4 Rick Turns himself into a pickle

Season 3 Ep. 3

With great responsibility comes great boredom. For Rick, the immense ability to make something happen is the only reason he needs to make it happen. Still, never before has such creative measures been taken in order to avoid a family function.       

#3 Rick, Morty, and Summer Stand-off with the Council of Ricks

Season 3 Ep. 1

If there is ever a moment where Rick and Morty’s dysfunctional communication is on display, this is it. Always 10 steps ahead of his foes, Rick executes the perfect plan to defeat the Council of Ricks and save his grand-children. Other than his advisory, it seems that Morty is the only other member of this classic stand-off that is clueless of Rick’s plan. It still boggles our mind whether that was also part of Rick’s plan.

#2 Rick gets drunk, defeats  a group of super heroes, and books Logic for a concert

Season 3 Ep. 4

This is an entire episode rather than a moment. You just have to watch it.

#1 Rick sacrifices himself in order to save his family

Season 2 Ep. 10

Underneath the crude humor, Rick and Morty is the story of a dysfunctional family making their way through a chaotic universe, or multiple universes. While Rick is an alcoholic, abusive, destructive, and selfish member of his family, he never fails to protect the things that matter the most. This moment also includes Hurt by Nine Inch Nails, so its #1.    

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