Top Ten Best Anime Intros/Outros

#10 Knights of Sidonia

The opening score for Knights of Sidonia is as fast-paced and frantic as the space battles are between the Guana and Gardes. The opening sequence is a vibrant depiction of  pace, intense action, and showcases spectacular choreography of the show’s mechs. 

#9 Samurai Champloo

A great example of “east meets the west” in musical form, “Battlecry’” is a score that appropriately brings hip-hop to a show with its roots strongly based in the east. Through its character depictions, attire, weapons and coy fish, the show’s intro stays true to its culture and origins, making the intro score an untraditional but welcomed blend. 

#8 Demon Slayer

As a strong Drama, Demon Slayer’s intro score is a balanced melody suited for the show’s material. Tanjiro and company is the focus of the opening sequence, as clips of their defeats and victories reflect the high-pitched animated and somber vocals of the song.    

#7 The Promised Neverland

For a show about a bunch of kids held in captivity as livestock for monsters, the show’s intro gets the pulse racing for some action! Unfortunately, the opening sequence hints at a desperate and desolate existence that children depicted  must escape from.   

#6 My Hero Academia Season 3 Intro

My Hero Academia has had several intros in its current 4 season run. For us, it is the 3rd season’s intro and score that resonated with us the most. While the artists’ vocals rise and calm, so does the fast-paced sequence of our favorite heroes and villains as they are displayed in dramatic fashion.

#5 Tokyo Ghoul Intro

The intro for Tokyo Ghoul stands alone as a unique score for an anime. From its slow pace and intimate start, into its rock ensemble and back again, the score sets a tumultuous tone for the show. In the spirit of Ken Kaneki, “Unravel” is a chaotic melody that originates from a tranquil note

#4 Assassination Classroom Season 1 Intro

The most intelligent children have been brought together to learn and master the skills of the assassin in order to kill their deadliest foe – their teacher. Assassination Classroom is as ridiculous as it sounds, and its intro’s musical score doesn’t shy away from expressing it. The students are as innocent as they appear, but learn to be something more!  

#3 Death Note Season 1 intro 2

Death Note’s narrative tells a story about a boy who becomes a god and chooses to utilize his powers to simply murder. This introduction to the show is a perfect reflection of the insanity and absolute corruption Light Yagami embodies! 

#2 Attack On Titan Season 3 intro

As avid fans of AOT since the beginning of the anime, the classic intro is a theme that will be in our heads for the rest of our lives! Although, season 3 brought us a score and sequence that condensed the journey and perils of our favorite characters into a single moment. We have heard this song again and again!  

#1 Assassination Classroom Seasn 1 Outro

Yes! The outro of Assassination Classroom wins #1 in The Zombie Star’s top 10 best anime intros and outros. For us, every episode ended with such an innocent serenade ensuring us that whatever occurred in the episode everyone was going to be ok! Just listen to it, tell us it isn’t great! 

Anyways thanks for reading. Let us know what we forgot or what we got wrong in the comments below. 

Honorable Mentions

This list was incredibly difficult to make, here are a few we had to mention

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