Todd Mcfarlane Announces Spawn Universe

Last week Spawn creator Todd Mcfarlane and Image comics made waves in the comic book industry with the announcement of Spawn Universe. Recently, Image comics has seen impressive sales with their monthly releases of Spawn which is currently at #315. Todd Mcfarlane made it clear he has no intentions of slowing down or bringing his creation to and end anytime soon. Rather, Todd Mcfarlane and a growing onslaught of talent intend on expanding and growing Spawn into unprecedented territory.

Debuting in 1992, Spawn tells the story of Al Simmons, a highly trained special forces soldier betrayed and murdered by a powerful and corrupt organization. Al makes a deal with the devil to return to Earth, but is instead cursed and brought back to life as Spawn. Acting as a soldier in hell’s army, Al struggles with the light and darkness within him and how to put his superpowers to use. Along with Todd Mcfarlane’s signature art style and story-telling, an impressive array of artists and writers have contributed to the character’s long life-span.

Now in 2021, the story of Spawn will expand into a larger universe where multiple characters will be given individual arcs that will separate and intertwine as they grow. Todd MCfarlane will launch this endeavour with Spawn Universe #1 and then begin releasing individual issues for 4 separate arcs. Beginning in August, Spawn fans will receive an overload of Todd Mcfarlane’s brand of action and adventure from characters such as Gunslinger Spawn and King Spawn, all leading up to a team-up series bringing these characters together. Along with the Spawn we already know and love, Todd promises introductions to new and crazed antagonists as well as classic characters such as Violator.

More surprising is the caliber of talent Todd has assembled to bring his vision to life. From seasoned veterans to rising artists, Todd has put together a super team of creators that promise to catapult this era of Spawn into new heights. Talent such as Carlo Barberi, J Scott Campbell, Donny Cates and Mike Del Mundo are only a very short few of names that will lend their skills to this effort. 

Look out for these issues this summer as retailers will be able to begin ordering come June.

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