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Todd Mcfarlane announces Spawn Universe

Top 10 Moments in Rick and Morty

We pick our favorite moments in Rick and Morty so far

Why Dead Space is Still Great

We look back at the classic survival horror title and explore what we love about it. 

Top 10 Anime Intro/Outros

Here is how we ranked our favorite intros and outros in some of our favorite anime

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Top 10 Moments in Rick and Morty

In the show’s four season lifespan, Rick and Morty has offered some unforgettable and mind-blowing moments. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmond, Rick and Morty follows the adventures of super genius Rick Sanchez and his wayward grandson Morty. Raw and unfiltered, the show is full of such comedic bliss and well structured dysfunctional chaotic moments that we had to make a list. What follows is the top 10 best moments in Rick and Morty…so far.

Making Connections in Video Games:

The Last Of Us

Upon entering the makeshift surgery room, where Ellie was being prepped for torture , I commanded Joel for the game’s most heroic and desperate moment. Although; after unloading both barrels of my sawed-off shotgun into two unarmed and questionably licensed surgeons, very little about the events felt heroic. It felt more like a choice I consciously made based on the game’s dominating narrative. 

In Love and War With Call of Duty

We explore our rocky relationship with the famed franchise

Just to get it out of the way and to avoid any emotionally fueled debates, the best shooter of all time is 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Still, The Zombie Star has had a rocky relationship with the gaming giant ever since the release of 2007’s Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. The purpose of this piece is to look back and explore what we love about the famed franchise, as well as discuss the many things that drove us absolutely insane! Despite leaving the franchise for several years, we want to study what it is about the game that brought us back and how it leaves all other shooters behind. 

Top 10 anime intros/outros

Here is how we ranked our favorite intros and outros in some of our favorite anime

For The Zombie Star’s top 10 best anime intros/outros, we’ll be sifting through the endless list of titles including classic, current, and ongoing to recognize those that have impacted us the most. We’ll be looking at how the visual direction compliments the score, and discuss how these pivotal moments of our favorite shows capture the spirit of a series.       

Like a Devil’s Sick of Sin

We reflect on the latest version of pop culture’s most iconic villain

Do we silently praise villains? Do we keep them in our dark prayers to accomplish their nefarious goals? What happens when we can relate to a character so well, we begin to see shades of ourselves in them? We all wait as Lex Luther, Norman Osbourne, and Kingpin formulate their next devious plot for world dominance, only to be stopped by a single hero or a whole band of them. Even if they manage to kill our beloved heroes, someone will always show up to stop them. How do we digest a narrative so deliberately bleak, that we learn that the monsters are out there, we need help, but nobody is coming?


Why Dead Space is Still Great

We look back at the classic survival horror title and explore what we love about it. 

Resident Evil 4 showed us that agile tank controls, coupled with quick-time take down mechanics can make for an exciting and rewarding experience when dealing with the undead, or infected. Taking control of Leon with a landscape view over his shoulders, allowed for a heightened awareness of your surroundings and more fluid interactions with the environment than previous titles. As a franchise, Resident Evil set the standard for survival horror games and paved the way for future titles. We firmly stand on the belief that one such title met that standard, and even surpassed it; we’re talking about Dead Space. 

The 10 Most Badass Robots of All Time

The Zombie Star looks back and ranks the 10 most badass robots of all time. 

Thinking About Star Wars

Luke Skywalker drags a defeated, injured, and helpless Darth Vader in an attempt to escape a collapsing burning Death Star. Luke succumbs to the weight of the crippled Sith lord and the two come face to face. Vader, arguably the most powerful Sith we know, is too weak to remove his helmet to look upon his desperate son. Luke provides the courtesy and both are eye to eye.